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SOHO Ambassador Program

In an effort to increase geographical diversity and promote international understanding among hematologic oncology experts from different parts of the world, the Society of Hematologic Oncology (SOHO) has created the SOHO Ambassador Program. Each member of the program acts as an ambassador for the Society in their respective country, both by informing the Society about important developments in hematologic oncology in their regions, and by helping to disseminate information about the Society and its activities to others in their country. The members of the program are listed in the following section.

SOHO Ambassador Program Leaders
Adan Rios, MD
International Liaison for
Latin America
SOHO Ambassadors
Neyde Lissette Madrid Castillo, MD
Instituto Nacional de Salud, Ministerio de Salud El Salvador, El Salvador
Juan Richmond Navarro, MD
Asociación Costarricense de Hematologia
Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia Hospital
San José, Republic of Costa Rica
Silke Kapp-Schwoerer, MD
University Hospital of Ulm
Ulm, Germany
Omar Castillo Fernandez , MD
Instituto Oncologico Nacional
Panama City, Republic of Panama
Milton Rafael Carranza Orellana, MD
Centro de Especialidades Médicas
San Salvador, Republic of El Salvador
Roberta Jeaninie Ortiz Sequeira, MD
Hospital Infantil "La Mascota,"
Managua, Nicaragua
Marcelo Furque, MD
Laboratorio San Carlos
Argentina, Argentina
Carlos Montero Osorio, MD
Caja de Sequro Social
Republic of Panama
Phillip Scheinberg, MD
Hospital Sao Jose
Beneficencia Portuguesa Hospital
Sao Paulo, Brasil
Francois Xavier-Mahon, MD
Hôpital Pellegrin, CHU de Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France
Basilio B. Pertiné, MD
Salta, Argentina
Mauricio Villegas MD
Asociación de Pacientes con LMC ASOPALEU
Guatemala City, Republic of Guatemala
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